Babies are virus magnets

I don’t think I have been ill so often as in the last 11 months. It seems that any virus within a 10 mile radius is picked up by Theo and he passes it on to me and Willy; often not appearing to be that affected by the virus himself. Colds and coughs are attracted to him
and gladly jump ship at the first opportunity of an adult host, when
his mum and dad come along. Willy seems to have had a cold
continuously since March (although some of that was hayfever) and I
have had more than my usual share of sore throats. Not only that, but
stomach bugs too – nasty ones that not only disturb your digestion but
ache every other muscle in your body.
The ironic thing is though that Theo goes on as if nothing is a problem, and me and his mum moan and feel sorry for ourselves. He keeps smiling and we grumble. He really is an example to us all.
I suppose though, when you are the carer you have the weight of
responsibility, so you never rest and have to remain alert (whether you can or not), whereas Theo carries on regardless, oblivious to the havoc he leaves in his wake.
I guess that is a baby’s privilege and after all, his company does make you feel better and forces you to just keep going. I’m glad though that today, although I feel ill, I have gone in to work as it is Willy’s day at home – at least I can have some rest here.