I am 44.

I live in the UK.

I am soon to be a dad for the first time.  This is a record of me and my wife’s life from the time prior to conception up to the birth and beyond.  Although I am a published author, this diary is unedited and so you may see some tense anomalies (something I struggle with all the time) and a smattering of grammatical errors.  Please forgive these and accept them as part of the honest account of this massive change in our lives.  I feel that if I over think what I am writing, I will lose some of the bare bones of the story, so much of what I write is only slightly checked for errors.  Hopefully, they won’t distract too much.

I will say that all I write here is factual and I do hope that those of you going down this same pathway, will feel strength in knowing you are not alone in your fears and worries.  The last year has been the best I have experienced:  for all its ups and downs.

Please feel free to comment and repost.

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