You’ll never be quicker than gravity

There are days when curse yourself for being stupid.  Today is Monday, the day when I look after Theo and am his sole carer (Monday is when mum is at work, as she does the end days of the week when I work).  Theo is 11 months now and is crawling and standing and cruising (the ability to walk along a piece of furniture).  Usually when he cruises I am right behind him watching him like hawk in case he stumbles.  When you have a sleepless night and have been doing this for an hour, your concentration wanders, so you may think about changing channels or quickly checking your emails on your phone.  You can guarantee in this one second you avert your gaze, your baby will fall.  Even you turn and see the event, but the time you have rushed to catch them, it is too late – Gravity 1- You 0.  And you spend the rest of the day hating yourself for being such a bad parent, and worrying how your partner will react to the news of your own incompetence.  You promise yourself next time, you won’t take your eyes off them for a second… but this is bound to happen.  I guess bumps and bruises are a part of life, but you always hope it isn’t on your shift.

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