I am not the sort of person who harbours ill feeling towards anyone,
and I try to find humanity in all. However, reading the recent
coverage about the circumstance that led to the death of Daniel Pelka,
fills me with rage.
How that poor boy became the subject of constant, premeditated torture
defies belief. How an adult can carry out such evil to one so
helpless leaves me sick. How a mother can either allow what happened
to happen, or take part in the torture is unbelievable. The fact that
both of his carers have been given life sentences for their part in
his abuse and subsequent death, is little comfort when you imagine
what Daniel was forced to endure.
While my own humanity prevents me from wishing their fates to include
the same tortures and horror they bestowed on Daniel, I do hope that
they are at the very least tormented for the rest of their miserable
lives remembering their terrible part in his life.
Being born is often just down to luck and timing. The family you are
born into is also something out of your control. Be thankful for your
good luck and let us be more mindful in future of those unfortunate
enough to be born into mothers and carers that are inhuman. Maybe if
those in Daniel’s company had been more forceful when seeing he was
not being cared for, he could still be alive and with a loving foster
I hold my own boy more tightly than ever now, wanting him to only have
a life full of joy and love. We all should do this to remember those
that have not been granted such things.

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