Up to Date

And here we are; up until now I had been catching up on the last 12 months trying to bring you events that had already passed.
I am now writing as it happens.
It is amazing to me now to think that a year ago my wife Willy and I were trying for a baby. We had experienced 2 months with no luck, but as of next month (12 months before), we knew we were starting on a journey. It blows my mind to think this time last November our son Theo did not exist.
I remember thinking as a non-father when parents decribed their miracle child, that there is nothing in procreation, it is just a biological occurrence that happens all the time. How having a baby changes your world view! He is a miracle, and every smile and gurgle reminds me how lucky we are.
I have also noticed how my stomach churns and heart aches when I read of children hurt or killed in the news. Before I would just think it was a shame, now I can almost feel the pain of the distraught parent. I also am grateful that their fate is not mine and hope that no such horror is in our future.
Yes, the future. Before it was just something you stumbled ever onward into. Now it is still a mystery, but full of wonder and potential.
I can’t wait, but also want to treasure every second.

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