The Mysterious Colic

Young baby digestive systems take time to develop. During the period of development our 9 week old baby Theo, treated mealtimes as if it was a time of torture. He would drink his milk formula with no trouble, but for an hour after would grunt and whine while he battled with trapped wind and general discomfort. Sometimes, with various different positions, he would burp and often spit up a little (usually in the one place the cloth protecting your clothes wasn’t).
He would kick out his legs and his little face would turn red and he would be inconsolable for what seemed like an age. Eventually he would just wear himself out and fall asleep. With a little research we put this down to the dreaded colic.
Colic is not a scientifically proven condition, but the term is used often. Nothing seems to sooth the discomfort and it is just a case of living through it while the little one grows up and develops naturally. As concerned parents of course we tried to find the cure and used Infacol and Dentinox at different periods of time, both treatments recommended to us. There were days when it seemed to make an improvement, but then other days when there wasn’t any. Still, we kept on it thinking, like anti-biotics you have to take the whole course. Eventually we stopped using all medicines and Theo grew a little more and just grew out of it.
We will never really know whether the colic relief medicines did anything. But the thing is, as a parent you feel the need to be doing something, because to do nothing feels neglectful. Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money out of that.

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