Get ready for action

I am actually a father-to-be at the moment, but I wanted to share the thoughts of a man in his early 40’s who is about to embark on the single most important change of his life: the journey from selfishness to unselfishness… the point where he no longer only considers where he is, what he wants to do, but finds himself on the verge of not being the most important thing in his own life and he now has a small person to look after.

This for some may seem completely obvious, but I will endeavour to explain where this idea comes from and try to dispel many myths about the man’s psyche. Much is expressed in the media and in society in general about the mother’s journey, and of course that is the more important part in the story, however, here is a space where us fathers and fathers to be can have a little corner of our own to tell you how it feels for us.

Some of it will not be pretty, but I am on a journey out of selfishness; I am not there yet.

Join me and share your own thoughts. All are welcome.

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